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Frankie “Ranks” Moniz

Hello there.  My name is Frank Moniz and I am the owner and teacher at Frankie Ranks Guitar Zone.  The Guitar Zone is a private lesson studio located in Barrington, RI offering lessons on guitar, bass and saxophone.  Here at my website you will find information about private lessons, an ongoing guitar/music blog, a guitar resources page and many other features to come.

Why take guitar lessons at Frankie Ranks Guitar Zone?

     There are several qualities that make a good guitar teacher and music teacher in general.  I have gained experience over several years as both a musician and teacher to bring these important qualities to both my teaching and lesson program.

1)  Good motivator

     – Whether you are a beginner just starting out or an intermediate to advanced player looking to develop more skills, I am ready to be the best coach that I can.  When beginning the guitar there are a lot of frustrations that come with the learning process.  I will be there to encourage the student and help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is too easy to give up when the task seems near impossible if you do not have someone there to keep you motivated and excited about what you are doing and learning.  Without the encouragement to push on forward, it is very difficult to learn guitar or any instrument.

2)  Incentive to learn

     – I develop lessons around the students interests and level so as to keep them interested in what they are trying to achieve.  Of course there are fundamental techniques and concepts that must be learned by all, but these can be taught by studying music that is interesting to the student.  This provides a good incentive to learn as it is exciting for the student when they can play a few songs that they love.  I provide performance opportunities twice a year for the students to showcase what they are working on and this acts as my number one incentive to learn and do well.  This gives the students something to practice for!

3)  Provide Structure

     – Without lessons there is no structure to what you are working on or towards.  I will teach the student what to practice and how to practice it to achieve the proper results.  There is a lot to learn, which can quickly become overwhelming if the student is not shown the order in which to learn the material.  I structure everyone’s lessons differently according to their skill set and interest and I believe this brings about the best results.

4) Musical Troubleshooter

     – I will act as an outside eye to see exactly what areas the student is having trouble with.  I then can instruct them on how to fix the problem by providing the proper practice routine and exercises.  It is easy to lie to ourselves by telling ourselves that we are better than we are, or that a specific technique is not a problem for us.  My job is to figure out each individual students’ trouble spots and help them fix them in order to assure forward progress with their guitar or saxophone playing.

5)  Patience

     – Every student deserves a patient instructor.  I teach to the students individual needs and will never make the student feel bad about what they are doing or about how long it is taking them to play.  I will only provide positive reinforcement for the student.  I know it takes time and practice, and I have the patience to work at whatever pace is working for the student.  If slow progress is due to the lack of practicing, I will certainly let the student or parent know that they are not doing their part at home.  I do not have the power to work any magic, but I do have the patience to stick by my students no matter how long the process takes.

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7 Responses to Home

  1. Michelle Sharpe says:

    Frank taught my son how to play the guitar… we signed on w/ Frank when my son was only in 2nd grade. Frank worked w/ him until the end of grade 7. He was then able to tell my son that he no longer needed lessons but that if he needed any special instruction or help w/ any future works to give him a call and he’d be glad to help. Frank is such an awesome person and teacher, I highly recommend him, he is definately worth your money and time!!!! Thanks again for all you’ve done and all that you’ve taught Tyler!!! : )

  2. Matt Sgrignari says:

    Frank taught me guitar for several of my formative guitar playing years and having had other teachers I can honestly Frank is far and away one of the best around. He’s got a great passion for music that most certainly rubbed off on me and I’d urge any prospective musicians to give him a shot because he will not disappoint. Cheers to you Frank.

  3. Jen Jones says:

    Frank taught my son to play the guitar. He was a fantastic role model. Frank nurtured, fostered, instilled a passion for music. So much so, he is now off to college to study music.

  4. Perri Leviss says:

    Frank is a kind-hearted and committed music teacher. His dedication to his students is unique. He has the right blend of seriousness, flexibility, respect for the wants and needs of his students, and having fun. Frank is a valuable resource to our community.

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