Welcome to Frankie Ranks Guitar Zone

Hello all.  Welcome to my new site.  I am currently in the process of figuring out all that can be done here so I guess you could say the site is under construction.  I am offering music lessons, consultation, resources and an on going guitar/music blog.  Check the about page to learn a bit about myself.  I will be adding more content shortly as I learn.  Thanks for checking in.

About Frankie Ranks

I am a music instructor from Rhode Island. My lesson studio is located at 146 Anoka Avenue, Barrington, RI 02806
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2 Responses to Welcome to Frankie Ranks Guitar Zone

  1. Clint Huff says:

    Love the video. I heard some Carlos Santana riffs in there! Look forward to following your stuff.

    • Thanks for checking it out Clint,

      Just trying to have a little fun with site. Hoping my students can learn to listen to lots of music in the process. I definitely had some influence from Carlos Santana for sure. Mostly his early career recordings. Lately I’ve been known mostly as a saxophone player, but people are going to get to know me now as a guitar player! I’ll try to keep things interesting here.

      thanks again,
      Frankie “Ranks”

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