Lesson Policy


Lessons are to be paid monthly in advance.

Payments can be made by check or cash or Paypal (frankieranks@gmail.com)

All lesson payments are due at the first lesson of the month for the entire month!

Payments are for the specific time slot and secures your lesson day and time for the month!

If you are going to be away on your lesson day please give advanced notice so that we can schedule a make up lesson.

In the event of a sickness or emergency please email or call/text me to let me know you will not make the lesson.  We will then schedule a make up lesson on a time and day that works.  If I do not receive any notice, a make up lesson will not be given.

Lessons will not be credited forward to the next month unless I am the one cancelling the lesson.


It is important to attend each lesson so that reasonable progress can be made on the instrument.

I encourage all students to practice a little each day so as to develop the proper muscle memory needed to play the instrument.  Practice time can range from 15 min to 1 hour depending on the students skill level and age.

I will do my part to teach, inspire and guide each student towards playing their instrument, but a good amount of effort must be present from the student for success!



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  1. pete fayan says:

    great website Franky!

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