Student Concert 12/4/2016

I am hosting a student concert this coming Sunday, December 4th at The Bay Spring Community Center in Barrington, RI.  The show will start at 2:00 pm and all are welcome to attend.  Tickets are $5/person at the door.

This show will feature some of my younger students from grades 3-7 performing some of the songs they have been working on with me in their private lessons.  They are all at different stages and levels of playing, and are excited to share with you what they know.

They have been working hard and many have been taking on new challenges on the guitar.  The concert provides an opportunity for the students to share with friends and family their music talents and abilities.  It is also a great way for the public to see what I do with my students at my the Guitar Zone.

So if you are interested, come out and support live music in the community as well as the young students who will be performing it!


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What’s New At The Guitar Zone

Hello everyone,

While working to improve this site is proving to be quite time consuming, I have managed to make some additions to the site and my business.  I am now offering lessons on guitar and piano in your home to limited parts of the state.  Check out The Mobile Unit page for details and teacher bios.  I am working with two great teachers who are more than qualified to deliver a great lesson.  I have known Johnny Maguire for many years both as a musician and more recently a friend.  Lura Luaf and I used to teach together at another location a few years ago before I set sail on my own business.  I am glad to have kept in touch to be able to include her at The Guitar Zone.

I am still hoping to add some great content here at this site such as basic instructional videos for my students, links to guitar, saxophone and music resources and printable lesson exercise sheets for all to use.

I myself have been busy building my lesson business and playing gigs with both The Agents and Boo City!  Boo City recently opened for Fishbone last Friday, March 1st at Fete in Providence and The Agents just played a successful fundraiser for The Greene School here in RI at Firehouse 13.  I have actively been playing music in RI now for over seventeen years and I am thankful for the network of people I have come to know from this  lifestyle.

On Sunday, March 24th I will be taking some of my middle/high school students to The Parlour on North Main Street in Providence for an afternoon of music performances.  This is a great opportunity for them to play live in a club setting.  Thanks to my good friend Greg Rourke for allowing for this to take place.  I will leave you all with some links, photos and music to check out.

Thanks for reading!

Frankie “Ranks” Moniz

Here is a link to Alternate Root TV on Vimeo.  This episode features Boo City at around 15:00 min on the clock, but it is well worth watching the entire episode.  Lots of great music to be heard.

Be sure to check out the facebook page for The Parlour too!

Boo City opening for Fishbone at Fete in Providence


Some music from The Agents latest album!

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Still working on this site!

As you all can see I am still working on improving this site.  If I had all day to just sit here and work on it, it might get done sooner.  However, I don’t just sit here all day working on my site as I am busy teaching and performing as well.  Little by little I am learning what I can and can’t do here.  In time I will have the site where I would like it to be.  I have recently been studying and learning ways to improve my teaching in general so there has been a lot on my mind lately.  I want to make sure I am always provide the best that I can for my students, which means I have to stay on top of my game at all times.

I have some new technologies that I am using in my lesson studio such as GuitarPro 6 notation software and Riffmaster Pro which allows me to slow down songs to the desired tempo without changing the pitch.  I can then send the slow version to my student for them to practice with.  Pretty cool and fun stuff!

I have the date for one of my student concerts coming up already!  It will be held on Sunday, December 2 at the Barrington Democratic Club.  Looking forward to that as always.

Til next time check out this article that was featured over a year ago in the Barrington Times about Frankie Ranks Guitar Zone if you haven’t read it already.  Thanks and here is a link to the article:

Frankie “Ranks” Moniz

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Welcome back everyone!

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that my schedule is beginning to fill up at the beginning of September, though I will always try to make room for more students.  Those of you who have known me for some time know that I play in a few different bands, including The Agents and Boo City.  I usually play saxophone in both bands but  also do get to play some guitar with Boo City.  Over this past weekend on 9/1/12, I got to play guitar with the band as our lead singer/guitarist was away.  We worked out a short set of four songs to play at a block party in Providence.  Following is a cover version of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy) by the Beatles.  Our version is closer to the Eddie Hazel funk version which was where we drew our inspiration to play the tune.

Eddie Hazel was a guitarist who played some great funk music with Parliament-Funkadelic and also had a solo career.  All my students should check out his music!  Look him up and listen.  I am going to be featuring many musicians in this blog that either inspired me in the past or that are inspiring me now.  I hope many of you will learn and allow your ears to take in more great music.  Listening to a lot of music is half the battle.  You must get the SOUND in your ears!

Check out this video clip of my performance on 9/1 and then listen to the Eddie Hazel version as well.  Of course I also dig the Beatles version very much too.

Thanks for reading,

Frankie “Ranks” Moniz

Boo City Video

Eddie Hazel

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Fall Lessons beginning soon!

I am looking forward to the new year and seeing many returning students as well as starting out with some new students.  It is a great time to refocus and take each student to new levels of playing.  We should all set new goals and work hard towards getting better.  Performances will take place in early December.

It has been a great summer working with those students who were around.  The Jazz and Classic Rock workshops were a success!  I am going to consider doing different workshops throughout the year to come as I have enjoyed working with the students in a group setting.  More on that to come.

If you are new to Frankie Ranks Guitar Zone please feel free to contact me with any questions about lessons.

Thank you,

Frank Moniz

Frankie Ranks Guitar Zone



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Welcome to Frankie Ranks Guitar Zone

Hello all.  Welcome to my new site.  I am currently in the process of figuring out all that can be done here so I guess you could say the site is under construction.  I am offering music lessons, consultation, resources and an on going guitar/music blog.  Check the about page to learn a bit about myself.  I will be adding more content shortly as I learn.  Thanks for checking in.

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